Welcome to Expanding Horizons Avatar®

The Expanding Horizons Avatar®  welcomes you to an exploration that will take you beyond any idea you have of who you are and any limitations you believe you have. We are pleased to be your guides on a journey that will surprise and amaze you. The Avatar® Course reawakens your own natural ability to manage your consciousness. The powerful tools you'll learn in the Avatar Course will enable you to deliberately design and structure your life so it turns out the way you want; Harry Palmer calls this "Living Deliberately."


The Avatar Path: More than a collection of stories and perspectives,
this is a complex process of self-evolvement that will transform the way you think.
Our Guarantee: Reading this book will change your life.

Are You Interested In Improving the World?

The mission of Avatar® in the world is to catalyze the integration of belief systems. When we perceive that the only difference between us is our beliefs and that beliefs can be created or discreated with ease, the right and wrong game will wind down, a co-create game will unfold, and world peace will ensue.